Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Fun and Games

Dragon Dominoes Necklace
Uploaded and Created by
Jewel Street Designs

The Dragon Dominoes Necklace was created with vintage dominoes that have dragons on one side, smokey quartz beads, and sterling silver spacers. The clasp is also sterling silver.

This was created for the Creative Challenge that I post on Etsy. The challenge was to create something that reminds you of your childhood. This reminds me of the games of domino I used to play with my grandmother.

The challenges are fun if you are stuck in a creative rut or just want a challenge. It is always fun to see what others will create. We've had bag makers, soap makers, cardmakers, jewelry makers, artists, and crocheters join us to date. I almost forgot about the puppet maker who has made her return to the challenges. It has been loads of fun. Each week is a new challenge. Sometimes it is just a color combo. Sometimes it is an idea. We even had one for what you would give to a queen.

This necklace can be found in my Etsy shop for someone who wants a unique necklace that will bring lots of attention. The Creative Challenges can be found in the Etsy forums under Etc. We are currently working on #8. Posted by Picasa