Saturday, July 22, 2006

Puppets aren't just for kids anymore

Meet Mr. Monster Man. He is created by Stacey, aka staceyrebecca. Stacey is a very talented and funny artist from Etsy. She designs and builds puppets in Arizona. Some of her puppets are in a gallery there.

Inspired by her son, Mr. Monster Man is for the times "when you just need to turn into a red, felty, dragony thing to get your way". I don't know about you but I feel that way sometimes. He has pom seeded eyes. Mr. Monster Man is 2" tall and 2" wide with tail. The finger hole is 1" wide when flat. Did I forget to mention Mr. Monster Man is a finger puppet?

Her puppets come in a range of characters from Triangle Woman to Octo the Octopus. Each one has its own character and personality. You will laugh as you read her listings and remember to read the bad joke of the week. Stacey also builds custom puppets. Look in her sold listings to see one she created for another etsyian. So stop by and check out staceyrebecca's etsy shop. Posted by Picasa