Monday, August 14, 2006


My first bit of press! How excited am I?! My cellphone pouch was featured on www.shinyshiny.t.v . I love this exciting bit of press. I had no idea I was going to on there. Not only was my pouch featured, but my pink pearl earrings were mentioned as a great match to the pouch.

I really have to thank the writer. This was my first ever bit of press coverage. I hope there will be more in my future.

Also, this weekend I was brave. I approached a local gallery about displaying some of my pieces. I have an appointment on Thursday for her to see my jewelry in person. I am really excited. She seemed genuinely enthusiast about my pieces when she saw them on Etsy. There may even be a studio in my future because my town has been named an Arts/Entertainment district. They need artists to get studios in the town, so I will get lots of tax breaks. Love it!

Now, I just need to find some boutiques. Posted by Picasa


stilettoheights said...

Any shop or gallery would be lucky to have you!!!
I love your cell phone pouch! So Hip!!!


jewelstreet said...

Thanks, Jenn. You're awesome.