Thursday, January 25, 2007

Creative Challenge

I have finally finished another Creative Challenge piece. This week's challenge was to create something that was inspired by a location in your town whether it be your backyard, a store, a park, or whatever.

I love doing the challenges even if I do create them. It ensures that I will create at least one piece a week. Plus, it makes me think outside of the box. Everyone who participates is absolutely wonderful. I adore each and everyone of them. It gives me a reason to look forward to Mondays, and we all know we need one.

My piece this week is a bracelet(and no, I don't always so bracelets) inspired by a river not too far from my house and a little storefront in the center of my town. I secretly dream that this precious little store, formerly a hotel, will be mine one day. I seriously doubt it every will be at the exorbitant costs that brick and mortars are going for in my teeny little town. Anyway. The aluminium rings and the aluminium rectangles were inspired by this store. They have a feel of art deco as does my dream store. The garnet, iolite, and prehnite rondelles are inspired by the colors that surround the river I go by everyday. I am seriously contemplating creating a necklace to match I love it that much. I will be listing this bracelet in just a little in my shop.

Why don't you lovely readers try this challenge? or let me see the places that inspire you in your daily life.


stilettoheights said...

Jewel- that bracelet is so very awesome, when I saw it I thought of Street lights and the city...isn't it amazing how something can make people think of so many different things.

I have yet to finish my piece, but tomorrow it will be done.