Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Tuesday

I got absolutely nothing done yesterday. It started out boring enough, but then my bf decided at the last minute to play hooky from work and attend a car auction.

I am an auction fanatic. This is what happens when your father is an auctioneer. So, I had no problem with this. Well, I took him to work so he could get his crew ready for the night because it seems no one else is capable of doing this. While he was there, my daughter and I went on an impromtu shopping trip. We had time to kill, and there isn't much else to do in this terribly small town that has aspirations of being a big city. First we went to a Dollar Store. My daughter loves the dollar store. She stocked up on a little bit of everything. It was actually kind of funny seeing her running around and picking out things. She even got a little kit to put those studs on her jeans. She can't wait to do this.

After that, we still had time to kill so K(that's my daughter) suggested we go clothes shopping. Sure. I needed new clothes anyway since mine either have holes in them or have been shrunk 3 sizes too small by my bf. Yeah, he does the laundry. I used to, but then we got a new washing machine. I think he's afraid I'll break it. I'm not your typical housewife type. Anyway. We decided to go to this store that gets the overstock or last season clothes from big name stores. I love this place. I often forget it is there since it is hidden, but I love it. We start looking not really planning to get anything, but then I spot a pair of sweatpants. Got to have those for StilettoHeights' virtual slumber party. Plus, their in this gorgeous blue color. My favorite color. We keep walking. By now, my daughter is itching to get herself something. When we get about 10 feet from her section, she can't take it anymore. She wants a pair of Capris, but I explain to her that it is still to cold for those. So, she settles for a pair of faded flair cut jeans that she has found. Now that she knows they have her size, there's no stopping her. She searches the racks trying to find a top that she can wear now. Got it. She finds this, I don't know how to explain it, furry top. It's purple with a little glitter and furry. That's the only way I know how to explain it. Needless to say, she has developed a style that is uniquely her own. Fine, I say. Well, then I spot some turtleneck/sweaters I like. Find my size, and we're on our way to the register. Of course they put the sunglasses rack right by the checkout. I couldn't resist. I tell myself I needed a pair anyway. Now how bad is my bf going to kill me because we're not made of money. A whole $11. Turns out everything was drastically marked down to begin with then they put 50% off on top of that. K's outfit cost a whole $3.50. Hooray! Clothes shopping without the guilt. Well, there's the pic of me in my retro-style sunglasses and sweater. I wanted to be a cloud today. Plus, it covers up that grey streak I recently found.

So, on to the car auction. We need a new car. Well, one that is new to us. I rather enjoyed this. I have never been to a car auction before. It's rather fun. They have three lanes of cars going at one time. There's everything from dealer cars, to repo's, to older cars that need a little TLC. It was fun but crowded. And, the prices the bidders were getting these cars for was outrageous. I saw a '91 BMW 4 door sports coupe go for $600. It was nuts! I am determined I'm going back next week and get a deal for myself. I didn't this week because I always think it is best to study an auction once before you go back to bid. This way you can see how the auctioneer works, how low they will drop, and how the crowd works. Then when you go back you will fit right in, and no one can take advantage of you. Oh, don't forge the contest for the $50 gift certificate in my shop. The first drawing is approaching very quickly.


gilfling said...

Oh dear I remember only too well the clothes 'style' I developed when I was a wee one.... infact it sets my cheeks burning just thinking about it. But seriously how do you get a whole outfit for $3.50!! You couldn't buy an odd sock for that here in the UK!

jewelstreet said...

lol. Most of the time you can't here either. I just caught them at the right time when they only had a few of things and needed to get rid of them. After all, that's why the big name stores send the leftove clothes to them. Plus, I have a nose for sales.

stilettoheights said...

I loved todays post Aimee!!!! just loved it, plus that photo of you is great.

kudos to you and K on your new clothes!