Friday, January 26, 2007

The Showcase

It's oh so cold here at Jewel Street Designs so I'm working on a brand new surprise for you for next week!

Until then, sit back and shop for Valentine's Day. Today I'm on the showcase on etsy. Boy, is it tough to pick 6 items for the Showcase. Not only do you have to pick 6 things that you think are the best, you need to pick 6 things that will make people click on them and visit your shop. Since I have done this before, I didn't want to pick the same things I had previously. I have another Valentine's showcase next week so I get to pick all over again.

This ring is in the Showcase. It's one of the gemstones I bought in my shopping spree. I'm addicted to these flowers. I have a ruby one all ready listed in my shop. I also have two Chrysoberyl and two Sodalite flowers waiting to be made. I only used 1 piece of copper wire to construct this ring. I accented the flower with a couple of wire "leaves". I really love the look this provides- antique yet modern. Plus, how many others will have this ring?


stilettoheights said...

I love that it looks fabulous on the Showcase today!!!!

gilfling said...

Hey there! I thought I would check out your blog (I am becoming a complete blog addict). I love that ring and the collar necklace from a previous post - beautiful! Hope you did great in the showcase.


jewelstreet said...

Oh, thank you, Gillian! I've enjoyed reading your comments on stiletto's blog.