Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm so excited. I'm starting to move into my interim studio space until I get my brand new and improved studio space done.

My interim studio space is my fireplace room in my house. It's bigger than where I am currently so maybe I can spread out a little. Plus, my fireplace room is just sitting there with nobody using it except for us to have fires to warm up the house when it is really cold. I'm rather excited. It's like going on a new adventure. I love my fireplace room because it is blue with an oriental theme. It has almost all of my favorite things in it. I plan on getting the fish tank I have in there up and running too.

My interim studio space is just until I finish the remodel on my new and improved studio. My new space is going to be off the back half of my house. Currently, it is a little run down and formerly bedrooms. It will need a lot of work because it leaks and will have to be completely changed to fit my needs. Luckily, my bf and I know how to do everything to remodel it. I can't wait because it will be large enough to have a display room that opens onto a deck/patio and workroom with bookshelves and all the comforts. But, the remodel will have to wait until it gets a little warmer. I'll show pictures during the process.