Monday, February 05, 2007

Stir Crazy Crafts

Over the weekend, I received a fabulous little package in the mail from one of my favorite etsy sellers. Charlene from Stir Crazy Crafts is a very talented crocheter. Her craftmanship is impeccable. I adore everything I get from her.

This package was no exception. I asked her to make a hat for my daughter. The only thing I told her it had to have was ear flaps. My daughter was insistent on this. In a very short time, she had it finished, and it was the cutest hat ever. I loved it so much I even had one made for me, and don't I look cute?!

Charlene is just marvelous. She specializes in childrens' clothing for which my daughter is eternally grateful, but I know for a fact that she also does adult clothing and hats. In fact, I got to see a sweater jacket that she will be debuting next fall. Be forewarned though that I get first dibs. Her prices are exceptional, and I really think she loves to do custom orders. Charlene personifies the reason you should buy handmade. Not only in her products, but also in her customer service. Stop by her shop and take a peek at her work!


stilettoheights said...

That hat is adorable, as are you, did you wear that during Yoga this morning?

gilfling said...

Oh Aimee that hat is so cute! And what a great shop she has too. You have thought of a great challenge this week!

jewelstreet said...

Thanks so much, gifling. She does have a terrific shop.

Ha! No, I did not wear my hat during yoga.