Monday, March 12, 2007

All that was the Birthday Weekend

I am so glad this weekend is finally over. Now I can get back to what I love the most- making jewelry.

Let's see. When I left off, I was heading to Philadelphia for King Tut. This was a fun trip. I loved almost every minute of it. I say almost because Steve was my navigator and he didn't want to listen to me when I told him we were going the wrong away. Other than that, it was really a lot fun. We rented a car which I am now in love with. I want one so bad it's not even funny. That's a pic of my car I now crave. We had a little time when we got there to browse the Franklin Institute. K loved all the interactive exhibits they had. Seriously, if you have kids, go to this museum if you can. They will love every minute of it. Finally, it was time for the King Tut exhibit. The moment we had been waiting 2 years for. It was breath-taking. Very strict, understandably, but breath-taking. It was divided in 6 rooms each with a different theme. I think my favorite room was the one with all the things they found on King Tut's body like a dagger, a collar necklace, a cobra that would be sewed on to a headdress. Then there was the sarcophagus. It was probably the most amazing thing in the exhibit. To see the detail and the sheer size of this work of art. It was amazing. I don't care what people say. Just because it didn't have any actual mummies, didn't make it any less amazing.

While I was gone, Etsy introduced a new little gadget called Etsy Mini. It seems to be working fine. It's a showcase for either items in a person's shop or things that you have favorited. I will be changing mine each week so as not to become boring. The Jewel Street Designs' contest winner, dwoods, made her purchases this weekend. Lucky girl snatched up my headband I created for the beads4you winter beading challenge. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have something new to show you. xoxoox


gilfling said...

Oh the exhibition sounds amazing!! I have a really vague memory of going to see an egyptian memory when I was really tiny - It may even have been the King Tut exhibition in London. It is all so decadent and fascinating. I need to figure out the etsy mini thing as it looks great on your blog!

jewelstreet said...

It was fairly easy with the Etsy Mini once I figured out it took things that you had put as your top choices in your shop or green starred. lol. Let me know if you need any help.

Btw, the exhibit is traveling to London in this tour.

stilettoheights said...

one of my fondest memories was seeing the Ramses exhibit when I was about 11....

I am glad you all had a wonderful time!!!!!!

I am hoping to get tho Philly for the exhibit, but I doubt I can

Felicia said...

I have got to try that Etsy mini. It looks great on your site.