Thursday, March 15, 2007

I've got the I wants

Have I mentioned that birthday is next week? Yes, indeed it is. And, even at 28, I love it.

I am such a child when it comes to my birthday. Not that I want a party. I want presents. I want to make lists and get the things I want. When I was a child I hated going to birthday parties because I hated other people getting all the presents. I love giving presents now, but I want some too. My family either doesn't know me well or just doesn't listen. I'm opting for a little of both. Because, every year I get a bunch of stuff that I won't wear or won't use. It really is depressing. Last year, I did get something I wanted-money, but of course, my washing machine died. So, guess what I did with it?! I really do love my birthday no matter how old I get. I wake up and think, Yay! It's my birthday. Love it! So, this year I have made a birthday wish list. Feel free to buy anything and everything off the list for me for my birthday. I told you I was such a child. The things pictured today are the top three things on my list. Aren't they gorgeous?

Birthday Wish List
1. Floral Decorative Nature Design shortsleeve T by ahpeele
2. Birds and Swirls Aqua Shirred Cap Sleeve T by muttsywonder
3. Dragonfly Pattern Flying Solo Top by circularaccessories
4. Geisha in Blossom Rain Baby Rib Cami by polymer
5. A Coral Room Wearable Art Corset Belt by gifling
6. Pretty much anything from jenclaire
7. Lady Charm Pits by aliceofkansas
8. Grey Rondue Purse by christysquilts
9. Val and her dog by Craftymoose
10. Mummies Boy Art Doll by TheDevilsWallpaper


stilettoheights said...

all of those shirts are fantastic!!!!! You have quite a list going!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Those shirts are so pretty! Hope you get everything on your list!