Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another blog?

Today is just a boring blog post with me rambling. I could use some help though so here we go.

It has been suggested to me that a compilation of Creative Challenges would be nice. I think this is a fantastic idea. I am uncertain as to how to go about this. The easy way would be to place a pile of lists on my blog and leave it at that, but I fear that would be just too long and cluttered looking. The harder, but probably more appropriate thing to do would be to get the Challenge it's own blog. I am very much entertaining this idea. I have even thought of ways to feature people from the challenge in the blog. But, here's the question. Can I handle another blog? Would anyone even read this other blog? What do you think?

Speaking of the challenge, artgirlx wrote about the challenges on her blog over the weekend, and I must say, it was beautifully done. Another challenge has been listed. I have no idea what I'm going to do. Why don't I think of challenges beforehand so I can cheat? lol. I have two ideas though I have no idea if they will work.

Rumor has it, there may be a spa weekend, not unlike Stiletto's slumber party weekend, so stay tuned for further details. (I'm still working all that out) Well, I suppose that is all for today so... Go forth and Be crafty!


stilettoheights said...

I would read another blog, but I would feel guilty reading it as I did not participate last week and this week so far...does not look good.

eeeeek, I miss you!!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

artgirlx did a really nice job with that piece.

Starting a challenge blog sounds great..as long as you feel it would not take up too much of your time.

Steph said...

I would read the challenge blog! What if you just listed the challenge there every Monday? That shouldn't be too much work.

OR you could put all the challenges up on the Flickr group and direct people there, since you already have that set up and there is an easy way for people to share their responses already in place.