Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It's my Etsyversary today! One full year on Etsy selling my jewelry full time. Thanks to all the friends I've made that help me through the slow times, and thank you to all the people who think my jewelry is worthy enough of being bought.

While things, if you really think about it, have not changed much on Etsy, I would like to think I have evolved a little. I've found a niche for myself, I guess. In the very least, I am certainly enjoying making the designs I make, and love each and every piece. I enjoy "going to work", and seriously, isn't that the best part of it all?!

Speaking of evolution, that was the theme of this week's challenge. The idea was created by Haikubird, and I never even thought about it being my Etsyversary. The theme of how we have evolved as crafters/designers/artists or whatever you want to call ourselves really worked well for me this week. The first picture you see is one of my earlier pieces from Etsy. I apologize for how small it is. It was the only I could find. The second pic is of my latest piece for the challenge. I reworked the first piece to create the second to show who I am now. Even the pic shows that. I changed the simple garnet bracelet, with which I was never happy, to this pair of earrings. I hammered the copper discs and created the copper chain dangles(such a pain!) for the small garnet discs and a pair of flashy moonstone briolettes. These earrings are how I would've used the garnets now. I hope you can see and enjoy the evolution. These earrings can be found in my shop. Remember today is the last day of my sale! Just mention anniversary at checkout to receive 25% off.

Oh, my gosh! I think a bird just flew down my chimney right this very minute while I am sitting here and typing this! I'm not kidding.


stilettoheights said...

wonderful work Aimee and Happy Etsy-versary!!!

I have to get to work on my challenge item, I have a couple cards left over from my first batch a year ago, I think I will do an updated version of the same theme of the card and then showcase both and sell them like that...maybe.

Happy One Year!!!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Happy Etsyversary! Beautiful earrings and link work-even if it is a pain!

Omgosh! Did you really have a 2nd bird fly in?