Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Ramblings

I have no idea what to write about today so forgive me if this gets a little rambly.

Home Improvement Roundup will continue next week as I have kind of gotten of my schedule. Plus, I have these lovely new earrings to show you. I made the match to my ring I showed you yesterday. I'm afraid that they will be a little hefty for most people, but the first ones should always be how I saw them to be. I will, of course, be offering to make a smaller pair if need be. I think they are just perfect. I held them up to my ears, and other than elbows sticking out of my head, they looked great. Just how I imagined them to be. They will be available in my shop later today.

I have decided to do a jewelry grant contest. Because of this, I have to create a business plan and a new line. I figure even if I don't actually do/win the grant contest I will at least have the business plan. It should be interesting. I have not written a paper like that since high school. I don't even know if I remember how. Plus, having to come up with at least 5 coherent new pieces will be a challenge or maybe that will be the least of the challenge. Either way, wish me luck!
Oh, and don't forget to stop by and wish Stilettoheights good luck as she is going to a show at the "zombie mall" this weekend.


Steph said...

The earrings are so cool! I love them!

The idea of writing a business plan is impressive. My husband is always asking me what my goals are and the only answer i have is a very vague "umm....more sales?"

Good for you, getting it all on paper!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

How exciting! I have no doubt that you will create irresistible amazing pieces for this!

The matching earrings look great!

catbishop said...

Good luck with the grant contest. Business plans make me a lil nervous.


gilfling said...

The one thing you can be sure of when writing a business plan ....... is that it will all completely change once you start putting it into practice!!!! Or so I found - but then I had to write mine before my business started and not it is unrecognisable as being related to what I am doing now in any way!

I adore your challenge piece and I love the connection. I was addicted to Agatha Christie as a tennager.