Wednesday, May 02, 2007


So sorry I have been gone so long. I hate when "real" life gets in the way. Why can't I just be left alone in my little room with only Etsy and my jewelry? lol.

Well, I'm on time for the Creative Challenge this week. Yay! This week's challenge was to create something using your favorite card game as inspiration. I know this is similar to the board game challenge so it is a good thing that we have changed a few regulars since then. This bracelet(the one in the picture) is my contribution. It was inspired by the Solitaire game. I could sit for hours on end playing solitaire, and I don't cheat- I swear. I don't even cheat on my computer version. Anyway, this charm-style bracelet is encircled by mini copper "diamonds" and has been highly polished and has been finished with a dainty figure 8 clasp. I really enjoy this piece, but then again, I love pieces with movement. With the clasp, it measures 7.25" long. It is available in my shop.

Get this. The Crest Street Team(the one for Maryland, Virginia, and DC) has been invited to do a trunk show at the EtsyLabs. How very exciting! Plus, I'm on the list, which was first come first serve so you don't think I'm extra special or anything) to go. Yay! I'm kind of curious to see what the labs are like. I've never done a trunk show before or actually been anywhere without someone I know. I hope I don't chicken out. lol. It should be interesting to say the least. No travel plans have been discussed as of yet so I have no idea how this will work. Knowing me and my luck, I will be on my own to get there since the rest of the team all lives on the western shore which is approximately 2-3 hours away. I will get there. Oh, yes, I will get there. Now I'm off to raise money for my trip by selling my little heart out and painting my mom's room. See you tomorrow!


stilettoheights said...

lovely piece!!! I am determined to get the challenge done thins week!!!!!


I just need to get some supplies, I have none.

Steph said...

Ohmygod! I LOVE IT! Really, really beautiful. I am so excited about your trunk show at the labs. Do not chicken out! You will have so much fun!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love to play solitaire too! Lovely piece...Oh why, Oh why must you tempt me so!

I am so excited for you about the trunk show!