Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top 5 Reasons For Home Improvement

It has been awhile since I've done a Home Improvement Roundup post so I think I shall do my top 5 ways to know you need to improve your house. It will be a short and sweet post, but I am hard at work on my challenge piece. I really want to get it done so I can show everyone. So, without further commentary...

1. If you have roses growing inside your house, then you might want to think about remodeling. (Btw, that's my addition. lol. Seriously. Thank goodness the rest of the house doesn't look like that.)

2. A creak in your floor does not always mean that your house is old especially if your house is not over 50 years old. It can mean that you have a broken floor joist. Better have it looked at which you can do yourself under your house.

3. If you tape up your windows in the winter to keep out the draft, you might want to think about replacing them. Check out auctions, Habitat for Humanity outlets, yard sales, and sometimes contractors list extras or returns in local newspapers.

4. If you have more pots on the floor then in your cabinets when it rains, it is time to get a new roof. Think about metal roofing as a nice alternative to your common shingles. They come in a wide color and pattern range plus, they last 20 years longer than even archictectural shingles.

5. Don't want to spend time at your house? Constantly looking for something to do not at your house? Why not try some new colors on the wall? Lowe's offers small paint cans for about $3 which is a cheap way to try a new color on the wall without buying a gallon size.

Hope you enjoyed my list. The sad part is I have experience with most of these. Check back tomorrow to see my new challenge piece and perhaps a new ring.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I've missed your Home Improvement Roundup! This is a great list--my personal favorite is #1. Because I love roses!

Can't wait to see your challenge piece.

stilettoheights said...

I am a big fan of painting, and the small cans of paint at lowes are perfect if you want to get a crazy bold color to use on just one wall as an accent.

in my old house (I rent now, so no painting) I had my office, the walls were a deep royal blue except one wall which was painted an almost silver gray, that wall was the wall my computer was against, at the time I had a graphite Mac and it was on an old retro 1950's looked so cool.

ps-love the pics of the roses!

Steph said...

Great list!