Monday, January 28, 2008

Blue Monday

I'm not really blue except for the fact that it's Monday. Even as a stay at home mom, I dread Monday's for some reason.

How was your weekend, my duckies?

Mine was less event filled than past weekends. I did end up going to the auction that I love. I truly meant to bring my camera so I could take pics of the place, but it wasn't a good week for that as it wasn't filled to capacity with gobs of stuff. Plus, I forgot my camera. I did walk away with a couple of deals though. K and I both got two still with tags Kenneth Cole jackets for $3 a piece. I also got a great bentwood rocker with no broken cane free. Actually, I paid a dollar for it, but some guy wanted a desk out of the lot I bought so he gave me a dollar. I also found this amazing never been used faucet that I picked up for $27. That's a lot you say? Nope. It's a big one with a pullout sprayer built in to the faucet and everything. I looked them up online and one like the one I got is about $200. Steve got some stuff too but nothing worth talking about.

Sunday I spent looking for things to improve my pictures. Always improving. Actually, some of you know my trials and tribulations with my pics. It's a never ending circle of love and hate. I think my magazine article exasperated the situation. Plus, I'm trying to redo myself for the new year so why not my pics? Onward and upward. Always improving. So I like to think.

I got to thinking this weekend that we have not done a blog slumber party in oh, so long. We should do another one of those.

Well, duckies, on that note I bid you a fond farewell until tomorrow. I hope your Monday is not blue but bright and sunny. Oh, forgot to mention those earrings in the pic are my latest pair, Rasberry Smoothie Earrings, and not with my new and improved pics.


AprilDawn said...

Ugh I get the Monday thing. Its storming here in Nova Scotia. But it was a good weekend, relaxing like we needed :)
Beautiful earrings!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and YES! the candle holders can be hung outside, they were originally made for that,and are finished to be used outside.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Here in NY the wind is really blowing-probably 20-25 miles an hour. It's only 28 degrees, but the sun is shining.

Pretty good weekend here. Saturday we went to a mass & luncheon for a Dutch couple we know celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Sunday, was laundry & relaxing.

Love the earrings!

stilettoheights said...

I would like a blog slumber party!!! are you hosting?