Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Improvement Roundup

It's Thursday so that means another Home Improvement Roundup.

Last week, Debbie from Craftymoose asked about refacing cabinets. I have never done this before. I'm from the old school with cabinets because my dad is a cabinetmaker by trade. I did a little research though and found some interesting articles.

doityourself.comhas a whole series on refacing. It tells you which sides of the cabinets to do first, gives you a supply list, and everything. It seemed very informative. Plus, for those of you who would just like to spruce up your cabinets, you will find how to stain your cabinets and how to paint your cabinets. is an illustrated tour of how to reface your kitchen. The guy who runs this site is supposed to have 35 yrs experience in cabinet refacing. He's known as Mr. Refacer. He even tells you how to accurately measure your kitchen.

Those are my favorite links. Of course, there are lots of places on the internet to shop around for these supplies so keep looking to make sure you get the cabinets you want. If refacing isn't for you but you need new cabinets and no money, you can very easily build some really beautiful modern but plain cabinets from plywook. I've seen it done, and it can look quite attractive.

Now, I thought I would give a review on a product I wanted to try. We recently installed a motion sensor light switch in my temporary workroom. They switch on when you walk into a room and switch off on a timer when you walk out. The one I bought also makes it so you can work the switch like a regular light. This is what I've been doing during the day then turning it to auto at night. The hard part is remembering to switch it before I get ready to work. It takes a lot of getting used to. Plus, the range on it is ginormous. I was planning on using it in all the rooms but now I'm not so sure. I think it would be perfect for those rooms that aren't often used but lights get left on like hallways or for bathrooms at night. I'm just not sure about this product yet, but it probably takes a bit of getting used to like anything else.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks Aimee, for the refacing sites--I put them in my favorites and have already started reading them! Lots of good info here.

Since our cabinets are in almost perfect condition, I think this is still the way to go.

That light sensor is a great idea--I as in a store once who used them in a clearance room. They went on as someone entered & off a minute after they left.