Saturday, February 09, 2008

Helpless in the Garden

Thank you for all of your fantastic comments yesterday. I really appreciated it.

It's almost spring. I know because my birthday is just after spring. Actually, this year Easter falls on my birthday. I don't like that. I don't know why I have such an aversion to Easter being on my birthday, but I do. I found out last night on the Etsy forums that the last time Easter was on my birthday was 1913. Of course, it wasn't my birthday then so that was okay.

Anyway, there's only about a month and a half until the first day of spring. I have started to wonder what I will put in my garden. You might no know this, but I have a garden serial killer. Last year was absolutely the first time I had a garden that lasted, and it looked beautiful. I hope I can do that again this year. I raised cantalopes(or cantaloupes as I sometimes like to spell them), tomatoes, peppers, and had lots of pretty flowers. Most everything I planted last year was annuals except for my lilies and irises. That's a picture of one of my lilies above. This year I would like to add some more perennials.

I have a thing about lilies so I will probably add some more. I was also thinking about gladiolus because I just love how big and beautiful they are. Tomatoes and bell peppers. I would love to plant a big old night blooming jasmine somewhere on the property, but I would have to find one first. I do have a grapevine to plant, but I was thinking about adding a blackberry vine as well. I remember picking wild blackberries with my father when I was little and my grandmother would visit from Florida. Is squash hard to grow because I would love to add that as well.

I just don't know what perennials to plant because I know nothing about plants much to my step-mother's chagrin. Japanese or Asian plants are my favorites and they do well in my garden because of the sandy, acidic soil we have being near the beach. It doesn't help that I have a big barren wasteland of yard and so very little money. I might go to the auction again this year and see what I can there on my list.

What do you have in your garden and do you know anything about peach trees because I have one and haven't got a clue?


High Desert Diva said...

I had a large perennial garden at my last house. Find a good book that lists plants by regions...this will help you know what to look for. Also, if you have a deer problem, check for plants that are deer resistant. Good luck!

KeelyB said...

Your photo is amazing!!!

Also...I think there are some plants that repel deer? Not sure about it...but its worth looking into! Good luck, and I cant wait for spring either!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That is one beautiful lily! I could so see that french beaded! LOL!

If you've grown cantalopes, I don't think squash would be harder to grow...anything vine is fairly easy-string beans,cucumbers,etc.

Jasmine is one of my absolute favorite scents! I just had some white tea w/jasmine! I've never grown this-I think it is too cold up here in NY.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Just wanted to let you know "by accident" I found some really reasonable jasmine plants-night blooming & regular.Hope this link works: