Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yes, I am here, Miss Diva. I have been remiss in my blog writing, but I have a good excuse.

Apparently, my yard and I are a nuisance to my neighbor. In fact, it seems every neighbor, all 6 of us, are a nuisance to him. He actually called the county on all of us citing a not very well known law called a nuisance law. He even called a complaint on an abandoned house next to us. Everyone knows our house around here and everyone knows the stuff outside is all remodel stuff.

The sad fact is we had all ready started cleaning up before we got the "ticket". We were just going to finish after the weather started to get warmer. We have even been asked by those not involved what the difference is between us and a new construction site. To put it simply, none other than we have a neighbor who refuses to pay his bills on a timely basis. Instead, he prefers to refinance his house everytime he gets behind. His house has been within days of going up for auction every year since we've been here.

So, we have been cleaning up the yard of absolutely everything in it since we got the letter. Boy, we have a big yard. Basically, nothing can be in view of the road unless it's a plant. The problem with that is you can pretty much see our whole yard from the road. The other problem is we inherited a lot of crap from the previous owners but could never get rid of it because we didn't own the property. It's been a lot of work. I haven't had time to work on anything else. It's really starting to drive me nuts.

I'm almost done. Well, I'm almost done with what I'm going to do. I'm moving what I think needs to be moved since the lady in charge can't bother to drop by when we're here. She likes to come take pics when we're not home even though we have a no trespassing sign at our driveway. She must not know the county law that says she can't come in my yard when I have a no trespassing sign.

Well, enough of my rant. I should have new things to list soon, and I know I have lots of things to blog about. Just didn't want anyone to think I had gotten lost along the wayside somewhere.


High Desert Diva said...

OHMYGAWD! I cannot believe you got ticketed.

Evil, evil neighbor!

Hey Harriet said...

Wow! Some people...sigh...

Well that's certainly a good excuse for neglecting your bloggy. I'm only sorry if wasn't for a happier reason.

picciolo said...

that sounds like a nightmare! not much fun either. I'm glad you are ok though
: )

picciolo said...

hi, are you still cleaning up your yard? I hope not!
: )