Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The title says it all. I'm obsessed. With my garden, that is.

I am dying to get my plants in the ground. Literally itching for the weather to get warm or at least even out in temps. I have pretty much moved and divided everything I can. Now I'm just waiting to transplant my seedlings.

I have also become obsessed with getting plants. I keep adding to my list of things I "need". Notice the quotation marks. This implies that I probably don't need everything I've bought or am getting. For the most part, I have relegated my buying to fruits and veggies. I blame my sudden spurt of fruit seed buying on SevenAcreWoods from etsy. She had some mini orange trees she was selling in her shop. Living in Maryland, I never even thought about growing an orange tree. Heck, I've never seen an orange tree mini or otherwise. I also can't stop reading about my plants. I think I've read all the articles and books three times over.

My fruit and veggie list continues to grow. I am currently growing heirloom beans, peas, spinach, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, luffas, lemon basil, garlic chives, lavender, watermelons, anise hyssop, butternut squash, lemon balm, bee balm, cantalopes, corn, birdhouse gourds, sage, and goji berries(I have to wait for a couple of years to get these berries). I'm getting broccoli, pumpkins(for K), onions, lettuce, popcorn, edamame, peanuts(again for K), summer squash, and broom corn.

With my list ever growing, I have discovered something. I am a much better farmer than I am at growing flowers. I stink at growing flowers from seed or any other way. So far, I rock at growing at veggies and fruits. As you can see from the photos. Most of the plants in the pics are the ones I posted a couple of weeks ago. See how much they've grown. My flowers on the other hand either are not progressing or never came up. I guess I will just have to buy all ready grown flowers sometime unless I just decide to fill my whole yard with veggies and fruits. So, come on Mother Nature and help a girl out.


High Desert Diva said...

I'm patiently waiting too. We have a yard of soil (ok...dirt) waiting to be planted. Yesterday I found out more snow is expected in the next few days....more advice from experienced Central Oregon gardeners of waiting to plant until the end of May! *sobs*

picciolo said...

all your plants look great, they are really coming on. You will never have to buy fruit or vegetables again soon! That is an impressive list, keep us posted on your progress
: )