Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Celebration

Last night I made cupcakes. This is an incredible feat because I don't cook. Now just to make it clear, I can cook but I choose not to. In fact, I always said I would find a man who knew how to cook and liked it. My mother and grandmother both laughed at me, but I showed them. I found him, and he cooks regularly. I do abstain from cooking altogether. As I said, I did make cupcakes last night, and every now and then, I will make dinner.

Back to my cupcakes... This was a spur of the moment thing. I originally was going to get cookies, but the cupcake mix and funfetti icing beckoned to me. I started making them as soon as I got home because I really wanted to lick the bowl and K was still at after school program. It was then I realized I got large cupcake cups instead of minis. I don't own a regular muffin pan only minis. So they were going to turn out a little weird. Oh, well. Then I got tired of pouring the cupcakes so I made a one layer cake to go with the cupcakes. What does this have to do with anything you might ask? Well, it's a good thing I made them because I'm celebrating....

my bloggy award! My first ever! Thanks to Natalie. I'm so tickled. It's such a lovely award too! So here's what I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to post the rules then nominate some more people.

Here's the rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received the award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the persons you've nominated.

I'm going to nominate. Let's see. Okay, here we go in no particular order.

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Now pass the cupcakes and enjoy your day!


Candid Carrie said...

Thanks! You had me at FunFetti!

Lanae Marie said...

Thank you so much. You have my link wrong, though! www.how-tostudio.com. (How-To has a hyphen in it!)

High Desert Diva said...

Congrats on your award!

jewelstreet said...

You're all very welcome! I fixed your link, lanae marie. One of these days I will remember to check my links.

picciolo said...

congratulations! And I hope your cupcakes were delicious!
: )

Jill said...

Awe thanks - you're way too kind! And BTW - your designs are gorgeous! I totally checked you out at etsy... simply beautiful!

Swift Jan said...

Awww how special! Thanks!!

sassy stephanie said...

Mmmmm. I so love cupcakes. Sometimes too pretty to eat...but I always find the will to eat them!

Congrats on your award!

Columbia Lily said...

I pretty much live off of salads, sandwiches, and soup...all things that require little to no cooking. I hate cooking. Fight the power. =)

Natalie said...

Cupcakes?! That is sooo much better than an award! :)


You're so lucky to have someone who can cook. I think my boyfriend can, too, but messes up on purpose so I'll just do it. Kinda like the laundry...and the yard work...LOL

I'm off to check out the nominees :)