Monday, October 13, 2008

The Marvel of a Bathroom

Oh, Baltimore! Sweet Baltimore! I really do like Baltimore so don't take that wrong. As you know, we had a field trip to the Baltimore Aquarium.

The day started at about 4am. This was not pleasant for me. I am a nightowl. Always have been. My best work gets done at night and this cramped my style. We got to school around 6. Hallelujah for being on time!

The first excitement for the kids was the discovery that the buses had bathrooms on them, and they were allowed to use them. This, I think, topped going to the aquarium. Seriously. You would think they had never seen the inside of a very tiny bathroom. By the end of the trip, the bathroom had a revolving door. It may need to
be replaced. It was the joke to go in and see how bad it smelled and if you could keep from falling in. Luckily, no one fell in. I was proud of my kid. She only used it once, and this is the kid who has to use every bathroom in every town or place we go.

The aquarium was not well planned. I almost didn't get tickets to go in and didn't even know we could go in. If you have never been, the aquarium has timed entrances. We flew through because, really, who wants to read the signs anyway? We did get to see the dolphin show where, of course, we sat in the splash zone. Afterwards, we got to walk around the inner harbor. I wish we could have toured the WWII sub and the Constellation(a Civil War ship), but we at least got to see them. All in all, I liked the trip. If you're in the area, they have discounted Fridays. It's only $8 after 5, I believe.

Stay tuned this week for lots of great stuff. I even have a new blog feature planned for later in the week. I'm quite excited about this! It should be lots of fun and interesting.


American in Norway said...

Oh I love inner harbor... I graduated HS in Wilmington we spent a lot of time in Baltimore. Thanks for popping by today!

picciolo said...

loved your pictures, I'll be back to see what you have planned for this week
: )

Morrigan said...

Oh they're doing the discounted Fridays again at the Aquarium? Thanks for letting me know I've been wanting to take my kids back down there.

Natalie said...

Isn't that just always the way? lol...I bet they'll all remember the bathrooms on the bus the rest of their lives, lol. Too funny.

sassy stephanie said...

Buses with bathrooms? Man have times changed!

Looks like a great fieldtrip!

The Glamorous WAHM said...

Well it looks like a neat trip! We have a lot in common. I'm a night owl and glad to know my family is not the only one who struggles with being on time! :o)

High Desert Diva said...

Just getting caught could I have missed so many posts?