Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Soap Addiction

I love anything to do with baths. No, that's wrong. I'm Addicted to bath products. From soaps to bath pillows, bath bombs and bath fizzies. I think I became so addicted because the only me time I get is bath time when the house is quiet and everyone has gone to bed.

I recently ran across Magic Hands Workshop on Etsy. It's such a lovely shop with her trademark being a hand on her soaps. She has so many wonderful sounding products that it was hard to make a decision, but I decided to try her Queen of the Nile soap and a matching bath bomb.

The wait was excrutiating. Sheer agony, I'm telling you. But, of course, when it arrived, I decided to jump right in the bath after the inmates had gone to bed.

Her bath bombs are huge. Literally, half the size of a baseball. In fact, I decided to cut it in half so I wouldn't have to argue with my daughter who is obsessed with bath bombs. This is a true bath fizzie. You can see it working as soon as you put it in the water. You can feel it working on your skin as well. Plus, it's like aromatherapy. It filled the air and water with a lovely jasmine scent as that's the flavor I chose. And, it didn't leave the tub all slippery. The soap is equally lovely. It lathered nicely and made my skin feel so clean without drying it out. The scent was heavenly without being overpowering.

I want to try some of her body polish, body butter, a sea salt soap, her Isis soap, and a gardenia bath bomb. Maybe not at all one time though. She even carries samples of her body polish and butter if you want to try some scents out or if you just don't have a lot of money to spend.

Jackie is a dream so head on over to her shop and check her out. We all deserve a little luxury and me time once in a while. Let her know I sent you.


Jen Sue Wild said...

LOL I thought you ment soap opras. I guess I am just a dork. LOL

I love Bath tub goodies too.

jewelstreet said...

lol. You're not a dork. I could see why you would think I meant soap operas.

Natalie said...

I *love* handmade soaps. Thanks for sharing this I'm excited to check out her Etsy shop.

Gardenia. Bath. Bomb.

Everything about that is right.

Sleeping on lap is sooo cute! My evil creature will walk across my laptop and then run for his life if I try to pet him. He's bizarre. Not like any of my previous cats.

He's not normal...he's Nermal.

Sorry. LOL!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thanks for introducing me to this shop. I suffer from the soap addiction, too!

Jasmine happens to be (probably) my favorite scent--I scored 3 bars on clearance and am enjoying them immensely!

T said...

I thought you were just kidding when you commented on my blog that you were off to shampoo - but here I find you blogging about soaps :)

I think a fizzy, smelly bath sounds like Heaven... thanks for putting me onto one more reason to treat myself to something nice!

picciolo said...

great feature! I love baths too, just the best place for relaxing
: )