Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blog Banners, Selling Online and Marketing Ideas

If you are just starting selling online or are a blogger, then read this post. While it is geared more towards Etsy sellers, others will find some of the tidbits mentioned very enlightening.

First, I have had the honor to work with Nicole from Dust Baby fame. You may also recognize her alter ego Party Boutique from Twitter and from Mom Fuse. Mom Fuse is a great forum/blog site for moms to find other blogs, giveaways, or just converse. Anyway, back to Nicole. Her etsy shop has lots of banners. She has premade ones, and she will also custom make banners to your specification for your blog, etsy shop, buttons, or whatever. Best of all, they're only $5. Yeah. I know. Great price. Definitely check her out if you are wanting to spruce up for the holidays or in the mood for a new look. She is terrific to work with.

This next review is mostly centered towards Etsy sellers, but as I was reading the guide, I realized that several of the ideas could be geared towards anyone who is starting to sell online. So, don't turn me off now. The Guru is a former Etsy seller turned marketer that has come back to help. She has several lovely help guides in her shop such as the Guide, Jewelry Shop Success, and a Complete Etsy Marketing Package. I personally reviewed the Guide and 44 Marketing Ideas. The Guide I would highly recommend to any newbies on Etsy or online selling. Here are some of the topics touched on: 18 ways to drive people to your shop, promoting your shop, writing eye catching titles, and what you need to know about pricing and shipping. The guide is well written with lots of examples so you will not have a problem reading through this. But at the price she sells it for, it wouldn't hurt to have it as a slight refresher especially if you have problems with your tagline or tags or most importantly pricing.

Now the 44 marketing ideas really could be used by bloggers, Etsy shop owners of all statures, and other online sellers. Now the bloggers and other sellers may not use all the tips, but most of them can be used outside of Etsy anywhere on the web. Although there is one in particular I am not so fond of, but this is my personal opinion. I'm not going to give away her secrets, but let's just say there are a few I'm going to try both here and in my shop. Heck for $4.44(cute, huh?) it's worth a shot if you're looking for some low cost ways to market. Oh, and this just happens to come free with the guide.

Okay. That's enough reviewing for today. I'll be back on Monday with a little get to know me post about my family and our wild and wacky ways. Meanwhile don't forget to check out my giveaway.


Amy Yang said...

I've never seen the Guru's shop or even heard of her before so you got me interested and I had to purchase it to read for myself. After all, the holidays are coming up and any extra tips to get more traffic and sales can't hurt, right?

jewelstreet said...

Oh, I'm glad I could help you find a new shop! Extra tips definitely can't hurt. I think you will find it useful especially the 44 marketing ideas.

jennlui said...

oh wow! thanks for this post, i've never hear of the guru shop before... or well any of these links. i'm actually opening up an etsy shop soon, so this is very helpful. thanks so much!!!

oh i was wondering, did you ever get to glittering other rings??? curious how it all turned out! let me know!

hope you're having a fabulous weekend!