Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coffee Freak

"Ode to Coffee"

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love that I can smell your deliciousness even through the box.
I contemplate putting you in a box with locks
So that I can have you all to myself.
I love all the flavors I can find you in
Like Elf Juice, Peppermint Stick, Amaretto, and Chocolate Cream.
I love when you swirl into my coffee cup.
I love the warmth you provide.
I love to hear the coffee pot beep
To let me know you are ready to drink.
I love that on a bad day you will hide my rum
and not tell anyone because you are such a chum.
No matter summer or winter, you are what keeps me
From freaking out in the morning and makes me sweeter.

How do you like that prose?! You know that part about the rum was just a joke, right? Well, maybe just a little joke. I know. I'm a coffee freak, and you are probably tired of hearing about it.

I'm getting sad because my Chocolate Rum Truffle from Get the Bean is almost gone. I do so love a good coffee and out here in the boondocks it's hard to find. (I feel like I'm still rhyming.)

I just had to share how marvelous her service was even for a giveaway. I got my bag in 2 days all nicely packaged. I could smell it through the box. Not kidding. I even went out and got a new coffee pot to celebrate the fabness of my win. Look how cute the bags come! I hear her beans come from a family owned roastery. Is that the right word?

The Chocolate Rum Truffle will be missed until I get a new bag which will probably be a while since there are too many other flavors I want to try like Peppermint Stick. So...

Rip Chocolate Rum Truffle. Some of the most delicious coffee I've ever had.

P.S. Go check out Get the Bean. Which coffee would you get next?


Kori said...

Hi my names Kori and I am addicted to Coffee too. lol

jewelstreet said...

Hi, Kori! Welcome to the club. Meetings will be on Mondays. lol.

Hope your husband is doing better!

High Desert Diva said...

I'd probably get the Roast Masters Blend....I like it plain, rich and delicious.

Although Elf Juice does make me curious...

jewelstreet said...

Ooh, that sounds good, Diva! I have to admit the Elf Juice made me curious as well.

Columbia Lily said...

yum...I don't actually like coffee, but I LOVE the smell.

Hey Harriet said...

Your "Ode to Coffee" is great! I'm also a major coffee fanatic. So much so that I'm thinking of starting a second blog purely devoted to all things coffee! Off to check out that link now :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Thats great. I am not a coffee drinker but I love the smell of it.

I think that would be aswome if you changed your name to Jewlstreet originals..

Your jewlery defenty is beautiful and original..

EmmaP said...

if i drank coffee or rum, i am sure that would be my favorite! i love butter rum candy!

American in Norway said...

Yum! as I sit with my boring reg. coffee... Seriously I don't think they have anything else over here!

Pamela said...

OH my gosh! Thanks for telling me about your ode to was great!

Meaghan said...

OMG what a great post and I love the picture! Can I steal it????