Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Sale Preview

I'm doing a couple of post switcheroos. I was going to do this post tomorrow, but I thought that was a little close to Thanksgiving. Plus, my about/getting to know me post works better for tomorrow.

Black Friday is fast approaching, and there is only 29 more shopping days left until Christmas. Just so you know, I am all about stress free shopping. I offer free gift wrapping, can/will ship directly to your gift recipient. I also have gift certificates available and will custom size just about everything.

I am having a Black Friday sale if you want to stop by. Starting at 6am EST, I will be posting hourly specials and discounts. These can be a deep shop discount, free with purchases, discounts on individual items, but they will only last the one hour. And, I won't be repeating the discounts. I only do this once a year so make sure you're here on Friday. It's going to be good! Check out my shop to get your shopping list ready!

Come back tomorrow for my getting to know me post! All about my whacky family and myself so when I talk about their craziness you'll know who they are.


Natalie said...

Very cool! You have such gorgeous stuff.

Cindy said...

It will be great to get to know you better!! I love the Christmas ornament!! Gorgeous!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Jen Sue Wild said...

You know I love your stuff . I will send hubby your way and tell him to buy me something for christmas..