Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day of Reflection and some Fun

Oh, December 31st- the last day of the year. Did you know today is No interruptions Day? A day to reflect on past and present.

Well, we all know we won't get an entire day with no interruptions, but I'm hoping my little blog will give you like 5 minutes of no interruptions. You might not reflect, but you might have a little fun.

Take a walk along the beach. At least a virtual one.

Now here are a couple of fun things. Run on over to SITS and enter to win a Keurig Brewing System and $50 worth of cups. Don't run to fast though because I really want to win this myself. You know how I feel about coffee. Don't know what a Platinum Brewing System does? Check it out here.

Next go on over to my bloggy friend, Columbialily, and wish her a very Happy Birthday! She's turning 30 this week, and no, she won't mind as she's been saying so herself on her blog. I would never tell a woman's age without her permission! Anyway. She's having a few contests and tutorials. Plus, her blog is just fantastic! So slip on over and wish her happy b-day.

As of tomorrow, I'm going to be back to regularly scheduled programming. My whole blogging month is planned and ready to go with the exception of a couple of days, but I like to leave a few days open for fun things I find. Happy New Year! I hope your New Year brings love and lots of good things.


DiPaola Momma said...

Soooo GLAD you are back mommacita! Happy New year... and you'll have to wrestle that coffee maker from me.. Target gift card style.. wait NEITHER of us won that one!

Columbia Lily said...

why thank you!!

jewelstreet said...

DiPaolo Momma, yeah, neither of us won that one! lol. Let's wait for the smackdown until we see if we win. We can share custody. lol.

You're very welcome, Columbia Lily! I hope you have a marvelous birthday!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your whole month is planned?! You lucky girl.