Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Secret Santa and a Recipe

I know. I have been missing for a couple of weeks, but rest assured, all is well. Remember that feature I told you about? I had several orders that had to be taken care of before Christmas on top of my regular orders I received. But, I am back! Now it's time to play catch up.

Today is a mini catch up. Remember the Secret Santa exchange on Kori's blog? I got my presents yesterday! Hooray! All the way from British Columbia. I received a Nora Roberts' book. Yippee! I don't know how my fabulous Santa knew I liked Nora Roberts. The plus side to this is I haven't bought myself a new non jewelry book since K was born. I'm always buying her one instead. I'm a person who treats books like chocolate. I gobble them right up. I also got some lovely smelling soy candles, and they're sparkly! And a bar of natural soap. Thank you so much to Michelle. I really appreciate and love everything.

By now, you know I don't cook, but every once and a while, I get the urge to make something. It's usually some kind of snack. What can I say?! My mouth is full of sweet tooths or is it teeth? Anyway. I've been having this urge to try something. Now I'm sure I'm not the first one to make these, but I bet this is one of the easiest recipes. I'm all about that easy button when I have a 9yr old hovering. Here is my really quick and easy recipe for.......

Peppermint and Chocolate Candy Cookies

(See how pretty they look?)

1.Buy a bag of chocolate chip cookie mix. The one where you just have to add butter and water. Follow directions to mix.

2.Take one candy cane or more depending on how much peppermint you want. Smash them up. This is the fun part, but make sure it's in little pieces.

3.Mix the mushed up candy cane pieces into the chocolate chip cookie mix.

4.Spoon onto the baking sheet and follow directions for baking.

Wa la! Yummy pretty cookies! My kid when I told her my idea was like Ewww, but she loves them now.

Come back tomorrow for my decoration catch up! I want someone to see it as I've been running like a mad woman trying to get a little decorated for Christmas cause I would've been sad without some decorations.


sassy stephanie said...

Oh man, I love peppermint. What a simple recipe, too. I may have to try it...but only TRY. Not eat the whole stinkin batch like I would sooooo like to do. Gotta keep up my Weight Watchers!!

Preston said...

Welcome back. What a nice secret Santa gift. And I absolutely love people who post recipes that start with, "First buy a box of [insert baked item name here] mix" and then add something of their own to make it all homey. I'm all for easy and tasty. Have a wonderful holiday!

jewelstreet said...

lol, Stephanie! Definitely try some. The best way to not eat them all is to make a little bag of cookie mix.

Aww, thanks, Preston! lol. I'm so not one for making my own recipes so baking mixes rock.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh these do indeed look yummy!

pam said...

Great secret santa gifts, and good idea for quick cookies.


Michelle said...

I had no idea at all Aimee that you liked Nora Roberts! So happy that you love it all! Have a Merry Christmas.