Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Give Me a Makeover

Well, my birthday is quickly approaching. The big 3-0. I know some people have a problem with this, but I don't really mind birthdays no matter what the number.

I have come to realize with this milestone birthday that I have been neglecting myself. I look far older than I am partly because of neglect and partly because of a nasty allergic reaction I had to a spider bite (a story for another time). I haven't had a real haircut in, gosh, like 15 years probably. I've never been for a salon pedicure or manicure or anything like that. I need a change, and that's that.

Here's where I need your help. As I have not been to a real salon ever and my past hair experiences (of which I will not be showing pics) have not gone well, I need you to give me a makeover. I have curly hair, but I do own a flat iron so that's not a problem. Don't mind changing haircolor either. Pretty much anything goes.

Here's a pic of me with my hair back:

And here's a pic of me with my hair down:

Scary, huh? I really am at a loss as to what to do with myself. I'm beginning to contemplate putting a bag over my head and not venture out except for on the internet. Opinions, beauty must-haves, salon/spa must-do's are all perfectly acceptable. Help a girl out, will you?

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Craftymoose Crafts said...

I'm no expert and since I have 20+ years on you, I probably wouldn't even know what is in style! But...I did find this fun website:

I think when we work at home, we all tend to "let ourselves go". What we (me included) should remember is that we should look (insert adjective here)for ourselves!

koopermom said...

I would embrace your curls! Throw a little product in them and let them go wild! Maybe some big chunky layers. I would also get some highlights, a little blonde, and some chunks of a deeper red here and there.

The only two things that I "need" to feel pretty and made up are mascara and a little bit of lip gloss!

and you BETTER treat yourself to at LEAST a pedicure for your birthday! Once you get one, you'll never stop.

By the way - your eyes are stunning!

Helen said...

OK ... I love a makeover challenge. I would talk to other women who do get their hair cut and styled in your area for a few references. I would pick a couple, go in and tell them you are there for a consultation. Choose the person you are most comfortable with. I think a soft and chin to just grazing your shoulders look would be great on you. I would also consider a full or partial bang. If you want to go crazy, have a few highlights thrown in for good measure. Embrace your curls - you are lucky to have them. AND let us see you with your 'new look.' I am going to be 68 in September and I have never stopped trying to find what looks best for me. Good luck, we are all rooting for you!

Jen Sue Wild said...

I love you as my bloggy friend and thats why I am going to say the things I am going to say.

You know I am a fashion diva and not only that I teach pepole how to dress for there type and age.

The first thing I would do is change what you are wearing.
Get basic classic pies that can inerchane. If you want a list of what to get I will email you.

Next I think you have beautifull hair. Yes it needs cut and colored but I would keep the curls. There are so many great produts out there that will keep your curls soft and pretty.
If you are going to choose color I would go with a carmel brown with dark blond hilights.

Make up stay natural just lip gloss and maybe some mascara.

You are a beautifull girl!
Good luck on what ever you choose.

DiPaola Momma said...

refer back to my guest post from Mariana Howard (resident beauty glam diva expert queen training director for Victoria's Secret).. THEN make an appointment up here in my neck of the woods with Kate (the english girl) at Bubbles in Arundle mills.. or maybe I can get HER to guest post doing a "virtual" make over for ya.. what do ya think?

Meaghan said...

OMG i LOVE your new blog look! I'm back so expect to hear from me often! How are you????

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love your hair and think your beautiful blue eyes are your best feature.

Do a bit of research and find someone who specializes in cutting curly hair. I think a wee bit shorter and perhaps a few layers would release the curl beautifully.

If you're not a makeup gal I swear by getting your eyelashes dyes. No kidding. I do it regularly in the summer. Makes such a huge difference.

The most important thing is that you feel beautiful within. I know, it sounds so CHEESY, but it is so true. One book that helped me in this department is Simple Abundance. Once I started focusing on my blessings, my life totally turned around.

I think the very best gift you could receive is a day of pampering. If you have to, give it to yourself.You are worth it!

Natalie said...

OOOO, fun fun!

I love your features (have always been jealous of a square jawline and my face is long and skinny, booo! Luckily my daughter has one, yay!) and if I could get a hold of you I'd play that up, along with your pale blue eyes (lucky again!) and peaches & cream skin coloring.

Sooo, I'd go a pale blonde shade, cut some layers in the ends of your hair only, and do some long bangs that blend in when curly, but can be side swept when straightened.

Kinda like this:


Natalie said...

Oooh, and me and a few other Moms I talk to are just coming out of the exact same stage...we're referring to it as "the Mom slump" lol.

It's easy to slip right back into it, but I'm fighting it.

sassy stephanie said...

My advice is to go to a reputable salon. Read: not expensive, but reputable. I'm thinking a cut to bring out the ringlets!

Go in armed with your 'must haves'. For me, that is things like: ability to pull into pony tail for the gym, doesn't take much time to fuss with, little to no product requirement, etc.

Have the appointment desk schedule you for extra consult time. Let them know ahead of time you need some talk time and don't want to be rushed through. A good stylist will suggest and talk things through before snipping. With a good cut, you will not need to go back in for 4 months or more, depending on the abuse you put your hair through (drying, coloring, etc).

Treat yourself. Thirty is a big deal! Make it a big deal! And post the results!!

Blondie's Journal said...

I just love your guts! You are always moving forward and making changes. And you are brutally honest! Those are great qualities.

I agree with all the gals, find a great salon and start slowly. A good cut that you can wear curly or straight (my hair is naturally curly~think Nicole Kidman). With your color I would get a few light brown & blonde highlights just to catch the light.

Your eyes are gorgeous, just some mascara. Mineral makeup will tone down the color in your cheeks and a little lipgloss will make your smile prettier.

Getting older is not just about accepting yourself as you are (which you should do because we are ALL special) but being open to the positive. If your heart is telling you to make some changes~go for it. You will also be a shining example to your darling daughter! :-)


April said...

Your eyes are AMAZING!! And your skin is so beautiful! *jealous*

Alright....I know people are saying "embrace your curls" but not if your hair is as short as it is right now! I would do some ashey light brown highlights, just a few layers, then flatiron it until it grows out a bit. Then it will be just long enough to "embrace" the curliness!!!

My BFF cuts her hair short and wears it curly but it doesn't look good :( So avoid that AT ALL COSTS. Let it GROW!!!

April said...

Oh - and I'd just slap on a little SPF 15 foundation (or moisturizer + foundation), brown mascara and peachy lip gloss.

ciara said...

i definitely think some shade of brown..prob med to dark...would really make your eyes pop. i'm thinking shorter hair, probably straightened.

foundation to even skin tone and natural looking makeup.

can't wait to see what ya end up doing :)

jules1219 said...

I agree with the post about "embracing your curls" - let it air-dry with a little bit of product like "Redken - Curl Force 17 Texturizing spray gel".
Also maybe cut some long layers in for some shape.
visit my site for some other tips on fashion and beauty!

High Desert Diva said...

Just read through all the advice....and I agree with the majority.

Shape the hair, add highlights and product to your (gorgeous) curls, light make up to even out the skin tone, and play up those eyes!

Spend the day pampering yourself. Pedicure, manicure, hair, have your make up professionally done...go for it!

Post the after pics!
Can't wait to see them!