Tuesday, September 01, 2009

From Dump to Glorious

So, unless you are new to my blog you know I have undertaken the biggest remodeling project in the history of man (or so I think). Just me and the Mr. Man taking each room to the frame and then back up again. He's in charge of everything going in, and I'm in charge of finishing everything from drywall to floors. We're not moving very fast, but at least, we have moved onto the kitchen.

Most of the cabinets have been torn out, and the subfloor has been replaced. Now it's just matter of finding the time to put back. My current project has been put in. I made him do that after he got everything else ready to go.

I'm a big fan of old and antique looking. I like to find things that can be saved and just need a little love. This project happens to be an old French door I rescued from the dump. My dump door. I loved it even though the Mr. Man did not. I won out of course.

Here's one side of the door that hasn't been refinished so you know what the before was.

Good bones, but so obviously needed someone to take the time to make it beautiful again. Enter Miss Jewel.

I gave it a light sanding then stained it with a dark stain. I have this thing with dark wood. Just eat it up. Wa la!

Isn't it beautiful?! And so fantastically easy to do. Just time consuming. Can't wait to see it with the cut glass doorknobs for it.


Eva Gallant said...

wow! an ambitious project! The door looks beautiful!

just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This door is so beautiful. I so thank you from saving this beauty from the landfill.