Friday, September 18, 2009

Home Alone

**Apologies for any spelling errors**

If you have kids and Mr. Men, then you know what a day home alone entails.

Well, today is my day. The wonder child is at school, and the Mr. Man has been enlisted by his job to help out at the local bike week. He works for a wholesale restuarant supplier and all of the people they supply are working booths. Anyway. This means a day to myself in the house by myself.

This also means I get into trouble. What trouble could I possibly get into?

Nothing gets done. You know how that is. Plan all this stuff then don't know where to begin because you don't have everyone doing their personal impression of that Family Guy episode where Stewie is just following Lois around calling "Mom, mommy, mom..."

I'm watching a marathon of the first season of Project Runway. Still love that season. Not so fond of what I call the lost season- the season currently being aired on Lifetime.

Since I don't have everyone in an uproar including the animals, I wanted to work on a new piece that requires me to work with the two tank torch that gets really hot. This led to me burning my finger. It hurts and is why there is an apology at the beginning of the post.

What are you up to this fabulous Friday? Anything good planned this weekend? Tell me so I can live by proxy.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

Stopping by from SITS -
I love those days when you are all alone and can do *whatever* you want and you get nothing done that was on your to do list. Somehow even without fufilling the to do list, you feel so much better.

Jen Sue Wild said...

sounds like a wonderfull day too me.. enoy it!!

Reviewer11 said...

It's so good to have one of those relaxing days all to yourself.

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest :D Have a wonderful weekend. :D