Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Finds and Projects

It's Monday. Yet again. Two weeks into school and the child is all ready sick hence the late post. At least it's not raining again today.

Figured I'd show you what I had been accomplishing with all the rain going on. Look at this! Just love it, and I'll give props to the Mr. Man for figuring out the design. It needs to be cleaned off and grouted, but you get the idea. It previously had white vinyl sticky tiles that went all the way to the wall making it completely assymetricaly which drove me nuts.

I'll show you pics when it is completely done.

Look at my fantabulous new stools for my worktable. The best part was I found them at a yard sale for $10. They were $5 a piece. Before I got a hold of them, they were regular old actual bar stools that had brown pleather and matte black bases. I transformed them into this with a little fabric I paid next to nothing for at another yard sale and some lime green epoxy paint. Lurve them so much!

Now. My favorite thing ever! I paid absolutely nothing for this except the fabric that is going to go into it to reupholster it. Got this on Freecycle. It was her great aunt's, and I am so in love. I've been wanting one of these forever but haven't been able to get one. Check it out.

Just look at the scalloped back. You can't find that anymore.

What did you do this weekend? or have as a project?


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Nice tile work & awesome finds at the tag sales! That chair is beautiful! The stools came out really nice--I assume they bolted to the floor? I hope to go to a huge sale this Sat. if it doesn't rain.

We spent Sunday at a College Open House--pretty much the story of my life for now.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh that chair! I can't wait to see how you glamorize it!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Gorgeous chair and your revamped stool looks fabulous. Have taken a copy of your button and put it on my blog. Your jewellery is beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to visit Mimi and Tilly and leave a comment. It's great to meet other creative spirits! Sending smiles from a SITS sista! :)