Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mad Hatter Day

Don't you love me for telling you about all of these weird and unknown holidays? I'm sure you do. *wink, wink*

October 6th is designated Mad Hatter Day, a day to celebrate silliness. Why Oct. 6? Because the Mad Hatter wore a tag on his top hat that said 10 6, the price of the hat. It's partner is April's Fools day which is considered to be a more mean spirited version since tricks are normally played.

The wonder child wore her brightly colored checkerboard print socks in the spirit of the day. So, grab a top hat....

mad hatter day mad hatter ring copper jewelry

and celebrate an unbirthday or wear some crazy socks. Whatever you do, just have a lot of fun on this October Tuesday.


Melissa B. said...

Well, hope you had a Happy, Alice!

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