Monday, November 16, 2009

Living on a Tidal River

Oh, the joys of living on a tidal river when a tropical storm passes by and spawns a nor'easter. For those of you who don't know what a nor'easter is it's basically the reverse of a hurricane/tropical storm.

It pretty much rained all last week and the winds were horrible. I was beginning to forget what the sun looked like. The main road into town was closed and various other side and country roads were as well. Mini Me was so excited that school was closed on Friday. Pfffttt.

Anyway. Here's some pics of the flooding for you to enjoy. Granted there have been worse floods and I'm grateful it wasn't too bad for us, but it was just crazy in some places.

Friday by the bridge:

Saturday. Same spot. Notice the boats:

Saturday at the park. If you look real close, you see the dock waaaayyyyy in the back. That's where the river is supposed to be.

Hope your weekend was better!


Jen Sue Wild said...

I am glad you are ok!

Anonymous said...
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picciolo said...

hello! I hope the water has started to go back for you now, your photos are amazing
: )

Anonymous said...

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