Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Sea Turtle and World Ocean Day

Happy World Ocean Day!

With the BP oil spill, I think the oceans could use some celebrating now more than ever. Ironically, I was going to post about the oceans today anyway because of a very special piece. It makes it all the better because of World Ocean day.

I created this one of a kind cuff for a metalsmith challenge. The challenge was to create a piece based on a sea creature. So here's my sea turtle completely handcrafted by me from sterling silver:

He is complete with a magnificent glass cab created by hand from a very talented glass artist on Etsy. I cannot imagine the work that went into this cab. There are two fish, algae, bubbles, sand, even a sponge or sea anemone. I haven't decided which.

So my turtle gets to carry a bit of the ocean around with him every day, and whoever gets this cuff will be able to look at this cuff and dream of being oceanside playing in the sand. He will be available shortly in my etsy shop later today.

Now get out there and celebrate our oceans. Don't forget the beauty and majesty that live in them. A whole other world living beneath the water. And, if you'd like to help out the Gulf Coast, stop by this Etsy shop which is a collective of Etsy shop owners donating their proceeds to help the wildlife being harmed by this oil spill.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

You did a gorgeous job with the silver work, and that cab is to die for--just perfect for your ring!

aquariann said...

Wow! Your sea turtle is amazing. Happy World Ocean Day!! :D