Thursday, January 06, 2011

2011 is here and so am I

Drop Dead Fred
Drop Dead Fred,
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Shhhh..... Listen... What's that sound?!

Oh, yeah. It's the sound of crickets in my lonely little corner of bloggy land. Let's just say 2010 was not the most fabulous of years and I'm glad to see it in the rearview mirror. Thanks to some amazing peeps I have been challenged to blog once a week and I always like a good challenge so here I am.

I'm celebrating one of my favorite 'holidays' today. I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day. Can I get a woohoo?! The jest of this day is to put your foot down, get it out, and stop taking crap. Feel free to scream. Feel free to complain. I think it's a fitting holiday to start the new year off getting it all out of our system so the new year is not marred by grudges or bad feelings.

Here's the things I'm not going to take anymore...

I'm not going to take being pushed around by the state when they knock down my mailbox who has been named Drop Dead Fred.

I'm not going to take not having fun. 2011 is all about having fun with what I do and not worrying about what other people think. Life is too short.

And, I'm not going to take my house being remodeled anymore. I'm sick of the mess and the incompletetion. I want it done and I want it done now.

Well, that's my list. Short and sweet. What are you not going to take anymore?


Barnibus VonSchnuuzle said...

Im not going to take my own no for an answer. Cause it isnt one. It isnt fun, and it isnt where I want to go.

kitkingdesigns said...

Might just join you for this holiday!

Chrissi Lynn Designs said...

I LOVE this holiday! What a great one!!!!

I'm also not going to take not having is indeed too short.

Adding to the list is I'm not going to be pushed into sucumbing my will for the will of others.

There..said it!

Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

Great post Aimee, and great holiday!

I am not gonna take constantly having to put everyone else in my life first. No one seems to do it for me, so I am putting myself and my needs first for once in 2011!

jewelstreet said...

Such good ones! I am taking all of these and adding them to my not going to take it list.

Gaynor Mann said...

I think I would be very alone if I added anything else to my "Not Gonna Take It Anymore" list. Ive been that sort of person since I was born! :D

NRjewellerydesign said...

Oooh good day! I already sent a stroppy email of complaint today and I didn't even know! ha ha. X

2 trick pony said...

best wishes for you in 2011, may your mailbox live long and prosper.

SToNZ said...

It's all in the attitude. Keep smiling...2011 is bound to be better than 2010!
I am celebrating your holiday!

Chris Stone said...

yes! finish the remodeling quick! *then come to my house and finish mine. lol.*

love the name of your mailbox. ;)

Jessica @ said...

Love the blog design :) What a great holiday! I feel ya on the remodeling one for sure!!!

aquariann said...

Happy 2011, darling! Your list is great. My fairies are coming over to sprinkle force field sparkles on your poor mailbox. One of my coworkers has the same problem - what a nuisance. 0.o