Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blue Flowers Save the Day

Well, I was getting all ready to pick the winners of the Easter Bunny Hunt but I remembered that I gave you until the 29th to email me with your bunny count. So you all better be countin' and get those emails to me... gift certificates are at stake here. So, now I have to figure out something else to blog about.

I have literally got nothing. A blank page in front of me. No ideas in my head. Do you really want to hear about jewelry again? Probably not. Got no projects in a middle stage to show you. No flower pictures that you haven't all ready seen. Hmmm.... I hate when I'm empty headed.

So, I will leave you with these new earrings available in my etsy shop. I love them.

What do think? I think they'd make a lovely wall hanging or candleholders too if I made them larger.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

They are really pretty--love the shade of blue!

supama said...

make a lovely

riddhisiddhi said...

so nice