Sunday, June 25, 2006

Craft Show Quest

I'm a little behind on my quest so let me catch you up. My quest is for a great craft show in Delaware. So far, I have been a little disappointed. I had one show with no sales and fewer people. The next show I did slightly better but not much. That show does have potential. Just give it a few more years and a little more experience. It could possibly lead to a much larger show in the fall. We'll see. Now onto the next show.

I arrived with plenty of time to set up. Little did I know it was going to be in a parking lot. Strike One. Upon this realization, I knew with good certainty I was going to be in the very back. Sure Enough! Strike two. There were several (a lot) of jewelry vendors and resellers. At this point, I did not have a good feeling. Finally, I am all set up, and it is a beautiful day. The crowd starts pouring in. This was the best crowd I had seen all year. Hooray! Finally, more than ten people. I would estimate this show had at least 1,000 shoppers. The sales arrived. Even with a reseller directly across from me and several other jewelry vendors around me, I still managed to make twice the table fee. I had heat exhaustion, but still made over table. Not a lot, but much better than my other shows this year.

This show is in the running. Not just because I actually cleared my table cost, but because they managed to draw the beach crowd on a hot summer day. I know where I would like to be placed in the future should I do this show again. I have several people who could prove to be returning customers. This show is definitely up there, but there are still plenty more shows to finish my season. Can't wait to find out who will be my best show of my season! Posted by Picasa