Saturday, July 29, 2006

In Haute Pursuit

In Haute Pursuit is this great website that advertises indie businesses. They have contests for their email subscibers and anyone who wishes to participate on their site.

I am participating in the next contest which begins August 1, as well as my friend Stir Crazy Crafts. We each have things that will be given away to the contest winners. Make sure you go and sign up and win.

My prize donation can be seen in my "For the love of Copper" post and also in my shop. Stir Crazy Crafts is donating a $30 gift certificate for her etsy shop.


Wolf said...

Just thought I'd say hey.}:) Found ya via BE.

Wolf of Dante's Spirit at Etsy.

jewelstreet said...

Hey, I saw you there too, but you went by too fast. lol.