Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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Jewel Street Designs

This is the latest piece in my Glitterati Collection, a partnership between myself and stilettoheights.

This piece combines her beautiful one-sided pendant of Marlene Dietrich with the bluest blue buttons I've ever seen, peridot, and sterling silver. I chose this color combination to enhance the colors used in her pendant.

I personally adore this necklace and haven't decided whether or not to sell it. It wears like the most beautiful collar ever. I love the way it sits on the neckline, and blue is my favorite color.

These Stiletto Heights pendants are exclusive to my jewelry. I am the only one who will have her Hollywood style pendants. I have a link to on the side to her shop if you are interested in any of her artwork. Posted by Picasa


stilettoheights said...

Hey Girl- You know this is my fave of your Glitterati Collection!!!

Thanks for spreading the word about our collaboration - look, I got a new blog!!!