Tuesday, January 23, 2007


This post has absolutely nothing to do with jewelry, but I figure it's my blog and I can write about whatever I want.

I recently found out my high school reunion is in October. This has become sort of a perplexing notion to me. First, that it has been that long, and second, do I go. It doesn't at all feel like it has been ten years since I graduated. Yeah, I've done a lot of things and had a lot of experiences since then, but still....

Now, for the question of do I go. I can't say I was friends with a lot of people in my class. I definitely wasn't in the popular group, but I wasn't an outcast either. Can't say I have a lot of great memories of high school either. Part of me wants to go to see if anyone peaked in high school and went downhill from there. Part of me wants to go out of sheer curiousity. And then there's the part that wants to go just to see the inevitable train wreck that will be my high school reunion. The supposed reunion committee could never get it together long enough to finish a project why should the reunion be any different?

Then there's the part that says, "Oh, my God! Don't go!". It says,"You didn't like them in high school why would now be any different?!". That's kind of the truth. I didn't dislike them, but I wasn't best friends with them. I haven't talked to any of these people since high school. I don't think about them in the course of my day. I don't reminisce about high school memories. There is always the part that says you will be a total spaz compared to the others. I'm sure that at least half the class is doing better than I am. It's still a popularity contest, isn't it?! You know, though, I love what I do, and most of the time, I love my life. 99% of the time I could care less for what other people think of me so why do I care what these people think?

I don't know. Perhaps I will go, perhaps I won't. I still have 9 more months to decide. If I go, I will give all the gory details. Needless to say, none of my class reads my blog.


Sean Carter said...

Hey this is sean...thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving those kind words...and am so glad that you liked all that's there...well do come back sometime for some more updates and new stuff!!!

Lava Jewelry said...

You're more likely to regret not going than going. If you don't go, you'll wonder what you missed. If you do go, worse case scenario is dull chatter with people you don't really remember.

I'm in favor of going!

stilettoheights said...

You should, tell me when it is and I will fly out there and go with you.

you can tell people I am your personal assistant, you will seem so glitterati.

jewelstreet said...

lol. I might have to think about going, but only if they have free drinks.

stilettoheights said...

free drinks....I'm there!!