Thursday, January 18, 2007

Valentine's Showcase

Etsy has their Valentine Showcase up now through February 14th. It's a great way to find gifts for that special someone on your list. Up there is the banner for the showcase. If you click on Showcase #1, it will take you to gifts for guys. If you click on Showcase #2, it will take you to gifts for girls. The banner is on the homepage so it is very easy to find. I would've made it so if you click on the banner it would take you right to the showcase, but I'm not that talented with html. So, my link to the Etsy homepage will have to do. Start your shopping now for Valentine's Day so you don't forget. You will be able to find anything from clothes to jewelry to bags and purses. I think I even saw some boob soap the last time I looked so you never know what you might find.

Remember I told you I went on a gemstone shopping spree over the weekend. Well, the first of my adventures has arrived. Isn't it beautiful?! I love this rose quartz carved flower. It is such a delightful delicate pink, and the flower is so well carved. I decide to wrap this flower in copper wire, and I'm glad I did so. It gives it such an antique yet modern feel. I call it my Morning Glory ring. Did you know that it is believed that rose quartz allows you to communicate with your spiritual guides and that it is the best stone for opening the 4th chakra? It is also believed that if you put a rough piece of rose quartz under your pillow it will keep the nightmares away.


stilettoheights said...

I think this is the first blog I have ever read that had the words Boob Soap in

Sean Carter said...

hey this is quite nice...thanks for sharing these with us...was really enjoyable reading through it...well hey i've also posted a few unique stuff on Valentines Day over at my blog so drop by sometime and enjoy all that's there!!!

jewelstreet said...

Thanks for that, Sean! I will definitely drop by.