Thursday, February 15, 2007

Creative Challenge

Well, I finally finished my Creative Challenge from last week which is so, so sad since I run the challenges.

Last week's challenge was to create something inspired by or for a slumber party/sleepover. I was inspired by the lovely Jen's aka Stiletto Heights virtual slumber party which is tomorrow. You can read about it here. It was a lot of fun thinking back to all of those slumber parties that I attended. There were slumber parties with friends, parties with my cheerleading squad. There was even a party when I was a senior with my Spanish class. Do not ask me how that got started because I have no idea. Anyway, not only was I inspired by the slumber party idea, but I was also inspired by some handmade glass cabachons that I have from Willow Glass. They remind me of the nighttime sky with black clouds. Since I adore copper, I chose to use one in a copper cuff. I also added moon cutouts. It was a lot of fun to make even if it made my fingers so sore, but it reconfirms my believe that everyone should own some kind of rotary tool. Especially, if you aren't allowed to use a saw for fear that you will cut your hands off like me. Yes, it's true. I am completely inept with anything remotely sharp.

My Egyptian Nights cuff can be found on sale in my shop. Now, it's time to move on to the next challenge which I fear I will fall behind on. Cross my fingers that I won't. And, stay tuned tomorrow to see my post on the sleepover. That should be fun. So until next time, stay warm, watch out for black ice, and watch how much snow accumulates on your roof. xoxoox


stilettoheights said...

beautiful cuff as usual aimee!!!!

I too an not allowed to use anything sharp...or

thanks for pimping the slumber party.


RecyVintage said...

Beautiful new piece! I love it!

I'll see you at the Slumber Party too! It will be a great time!

gilfling said...

I love this Aimee - can't wait to see you at the slumber party!! Although the time difference may mean you will be sleeping whilst I am partying - never mind- it will make it a true 24 hour party!