Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why I am skipping February next year

Yep. You read it right. Why I am skipping February next year, and I definitely mean the whole month.

So, yesterday I had to take the evil car to the DMV so I could have tags put on it. I hate this car. With a passion. If I had another working car, I would drag "Christine" to the middle of some field and set fire to her. That's how much I hate this car. Why do I call it evil you ask. HA! The doors magically lock and unlock on their own, the radio says BAD whenever it feels like it, and various other strange happenings. It is possesses. Anyway, I took the stupid car to the DMV. OMG! I have never seen such a glob of unfabulous people as StilettoHeights would call them. They were lined up everywhere. Several with no teeth. One with her hair pulled so tightly back that her skin was stretched like Joan Rivers. One with a child who kept screaming "pull me, mommy". The only person I saw that was even remotely fab was a girl with the most amazing long curly red hair. I so want red hair. I just stared at her hair. I thought I was never going to get out of there, and I could feel my creative fabulous juices being sucked out like a vampire sucking someone's blood. If I had had to stay 5 more minutes, I probably would've run screaming from the building. The thought of having to go back next year sends shivers down my spine.

The earrings you see in the picture are one of the reasons I could be persuaded not to skip February. They are a part of my 2007 limited edition collection based on famous women. They are named Mata Hari. I adore them. I created them with sterling silver wire formed into filigree and the most amazing yellow topaz briolettes. Seriously, they are elegance personified. Plus, they are spring, I mean the season, for your ears. They can currently be found in my shop.


stilettoheights said...

OH...your experience sounds awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want red hair too, I always have, when I was little my hair was bright red and straight, then it darkened...and then it got curly, which was strange.

great earrings by the way, very chic.

gilfling said...

Oh cars are the source of much of the evil in this world!! (I mean financially in my case) Your earrings however...are beautiful - stunning shape and I love the yellow. You are also right about february. Hooray for the beginning of March being around the corner.