Thursday, March 01, 2007

February is Over!

And March has started off with a bang! My anniversary passed without notice. Partly because I slept all day. Partly because he can't remember what he did yesterday. Nine years is a freaking long time. I don't even want to think about 25.

I'm thinking that perhaps I might want to skip March next year as well even though it is my daughter's and my birthday month. Okay, so I drive Steve to and from work everyday. Well, night since he works nightshift. Generally, no problems unless you count the deer that jump out in front of the car. Yeah, well, I guess someone didn't get the memo that February was over. I'm like 5 minutes away from home when I see the lights. Oh,...Well, you can imagine what I said. What could he possibly be pulling me over for since he has been following me for the last 8 miles? Aah, some stupid rule that no one has ever heard of or ever heard of anyone getting stopped because of this stupid rule. Normally, I like rules, but this one was ridiculous. It doesn't even deserved to be named. C'mon, it was 1:30 in the freaking morning. Oh, yeah! That's right. It was 1:30 in the freaking morning, and he needed probable cause to pull me over and see what I am doing driving around in the woods at night. For crying out loud! Meanwhile, the one thing he could've gotten me on, he didn't even notice. Did I mention he pulled me over on a road that is notorious for flooding so I almost got stuck?

Rant over. I finished my Creative Challenge piece for this week. I really like how it turned out. This week's challenge was to create something inspired by nature conservancy. Tough one, I know. I was inspired to do this by a craft show application I received in the mail. The whole show is about nature conservancy, and they only accept vendors that depict this. Very interesting idea! Since I live in a very water-minded community, I decided to do something inspired by water. Our waterways are horribly polluted, and we all need to remember that everything depends on them. Without water, we all die. That said, I wanted to do a piece that reflected the movement of water. I really think this piece does it. Take a look at the picture. The one side reflects the waves water creates, and the other side reflects the ripples. The best part is that there is no clasp. Cool, huh? It's very comfortable to wear, but it is very much an art piece that will make you think about it when you are wearing it. It can be found in my shop.


stilettoheights said...

you are such a rule breaker!!! Wait what rule was it??????

I love your challenge piece, I can't think of anything to do, I am a creative standstill...eeek.