Monday, March 05, 2007

Top Model

It's another Monday. A new day, a new week.

Over the weekend, I discovered America's Next Top Model. Granted it was 2 seasons old, but still... How have I not seen this show?! That's right. I live in the sticks, and we can't get this channel. But, that's another story for another day. Mtv was showing a marathon of the whole season. I was glued to the tv from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. I was quite content to sit in front of my tv and watch the photoshoots, the little battles, and most importantly, the eliminations. I enjoyed each and every episode and found myself going,"Please don't let her get booted. I hope it's that one." even though the episode was 2 years old. I LOVE this show, and I haven't even seen a current episode. I must have been living in the dark ages. How could I have not known about this show?! I found myself scouring the CW's website hoping beyond hope that the episodes would be on the internet, but alas, they are not. Please, CW, put episodes of America's Next Top Model on the web! My only hope to see this show is buy a super duper NASA-type antenna for my tv.

On the business side of things, when I wasn't watching ANTM, I was working to expand my horizons and ensure my reaching my goals for this year. I found a couple of sites to possibly consign with, a few more sites to possibly sell on, and a few more sites to use as a portfolio. I'm working on several new and exciting projects. Plus, the winners of my $50 gift certificates will be announced soon.


stilettoheights said...

Don't feel sad, I can't get CE either unless I pay for it....and I live in a huge city.

I saw like 2 episodes of it once when the weather was "just right" and the tv wasn't too fuzzy, it was awesome.


gilfling said...

I got so addicted to that programme - and I like you was watching it a few seasons behind. I used to get so involved with it that it could quite easily have taken over!!! By turns absolutely obsessed with the models and just in disbelief most of the time by the fakeness of Tyra (yes she is beautiful but oh my gooness - my favourite bit is the human sized paper lamp in the models hallway covered with images of tyra - unbelievable!!) I love Janice Dickinson though - that woman is a scream - we don't have cable anymore though so no more obsessing for me.