Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Milestones and Birds

I truly hope it is sunny and calm somewhere. Let me know where so I can move there.

I'm going to move Home Improvement Roundup to Thursday just because I can, and Hooray! I finally got to over 100 sales! I'm so happy. Thanks to Debbie for pushing me over the hump. It really does feel great, though truth be told, I never thought I would have this many sales on Etsy. Granted some of them are trades, but only you and I know that. Now let's hope it doesn't completely slow down from here.

Hard at work on new projects, I just finished this one last night. I love the shape of this solid copper cuff. It's actually quite a simple piece, but it's the design that really sets it off. I also hammered it because I felt it needed that technique to finish it. It will be in my shop later this morning, and once again, mention anniversary to receive 25% off your purchase.

Forgot to tell you yesterday about the exciting incident on Sunday. A bird somehow flew down my chimney into the fireplace then beat against the doors until he could get out. So, I have this blackbird, and not a small one mind you, flying around my house being chased by my 300 lb dog. So, we have to leave the front door open in the middle of the storm and chase it out with a broom. Never a dull moment. Then last night I go to the car so I can pick Steve up and discover that I have a flat tire. I'm not talking just regular flat. I mean, this thing completely withered and died. I have never seen a flatter tire that hadn't blown out. Wonder what will happen today.