Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Long Weekend

Hope everyone had a marvelous Memorial Day weekend! I spent the weekend working and watching the Jaws marathon and the Miss Universe pageant. Very exciting stuff. lol.

The Miss Universe pageant. I love the costumes. It's like everywhere is Las Vegas. Some of the girls need to work on their costumes next year like Miss USA who dressed up like Elvis. Don't get me wrong I love Elvis, but I just don't know if he has a place at the Miss Universe pageant. And, what's up with the judges?! There were like 3 judges out of 10 who actually knew anything about fashion or otherwise. Other than that and Miss Brazil flaunting her busom, it was a marvelous pageant. I about fell out of my chair when Miss USA fell, but she did a great job shrugging it off. The evening gowns left something to be desired. Personally, I think Miss India's was the best. I really loved it. Now to wait for the Miss America pageant. We should think of a pageant to have between the Miss Universe and Miss America pageant because the wait is just too long.

As I said, I was hard at work this weekend. The necklace you see pictured is one of those pieces I worked on. It is one of my collar necklaces but with a little twist. Brushed copper leaves dangle from hammered copper wire that is wirewrapped to the collar base. It is designed to be a stiff necklace, which I think most people don't like, but I think is needed sometimes in the jewelry world. The hook clasp is attached with a couple of large copper links. It can be found in my shop.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think Miss (insert state) would look great in your new necklace!

You know how I love Elvis, but I'm not a big fan of bad impersonators or people who just dress up like him.

Steph said...

Very cool!