Friday, May 25, 2007

Own a Galaxy

Running a bit behind this morning because my computer wants to be stupid. Yes, it really is the computer being stupid. lol.

Check out my new bracelet. LOVE it! Sorry I'm yelling, but I can't help it. I adore it. This is probably my most favorite bracelet I've made in a while. It is a bangle so this first one is pretty limited in who can wear it, but the great part is that I can make more. It is a soldered copper wire bangle with dainty iolite rondelles strategically placed along the wires. It's like owning your own galaxy with all the little moons and planets. Really truly adore this one. I think I might make another one in garnet and maybe some earrings if I can do it. It is available in my shop.

I had the most fabulous review written about me yesterday. Beadinggem has a blog called The Beading Gem's Journal. She found me on mybloglog and asked if she could do a review. Of course I said yes. It is short and sweet and really very flattering. So go check out her blog. She has lots more reviews on there for you to read as well.

Oh, and I just realized this is my 100th blog post on blogger! Hooray for me! Let's hope there are lots more interesting posts.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the galaxy bracelet! Unfortunately, I can't wear bangles--I have small wrists, but big hands (sound like a mutant, huh?)so they never sit right.

I left a comment on that nice little review Beading Gem did on you.

Have a great weekend!

Steph said...

I think the bracelet is worth yelling about. Great design!

stilettoheights said...

the bracelet is wonderful as are you.

congrats on the review!!