Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Pieces

Well, there's a new American Idol and somehow I just don't care. Why is it that they make such a big deal about it? Btw, I boycotted American Idol when they kicked Melinda off. Now, let's see some jewelry because I really just don't have anything else to say. lol.

I've got a couple of pieces to show you this morning since I couldn't do my blog post yesterday because somebody lost my notepad from my computer. The first is my newest pair of earrings. I've been wanting to make something like these for a while now, and I just decided that now was the time. The blossoms earrings are constructed out of two separate pieces of copper sheet and bent into the blooming position. Copper chains dangle labradorite and moonstone briolettes. I love the contrast of the moonstone and labradorite even though the labradorite I had not planned on using. When I first started making these, I thought they were just going to be horrible, but they turned out better than expected albeit not according to design. In fact, I rather like them. I keep shaking them when I walk by where they are displayed.

My next piece shown is my Creative Challenge piece for the week. I am quite proud of this necklace even if it looks somewhat simple. The challenge for this week was to create something inspired by your high school experience. I chose to use my Geometry class as inspiration as it was the only Math class that I got higher than a D in. In fact, I actually scraped out an A one quarter. lol. The large square links are formed from copper, hammered, and soldered into place. Yes, I actually soldered it all by myself. You may find this amazing, but I just can't seem to solder. Perhaps that has changed. I added a couple of double links to give it a little more character. It's very chunky, but lots of fun to wear. I wish I had a model because this is one of those necklaces that could benefit from being shown on a model.

Both pieces are currently available in my shop so check them out. Until next time, my lovely readers...


stilettoheights said...

the necklace is awesome, awesome.

I am anti american idol....though I am ALL ABOUT Dancing With the Stars.

(I know how lame that makes me)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

The blossom earrings are stunning! I don't know how you keep topping yourself!

No idol fan here either!

Steph said...

The necklace is so terrific! So, so terrific. I love it! I was actually wanting to make earrings with a similar feel (and in silver) for this challenge, but I don't know the first thing about soldering, so I am a little stuck.

Love it, love it!